Friday, October 16, 2009

New Release from Tiesto - Kaleidescope

Tiesto just released a new album not too long ago, here are a few tracks from the new album Kaleidescope

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Just a comment

Nothing I publish might be new, groundbreaking or earth shattering to some, But I am one of those people that, when they find something cool, they want to let everyone else know about it. I am always open to suggestions and hints from other bloggers. All opinions and comments will be looked at fairly, provided its constructive criticism.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Shinich Osawa

Heres the track from Toolroom Knights, Enjoy.

Shinichi Osawa - "What a feelin"

Sorry for the break, I was taking a long march to unemployment. :-(

Anyways, Shinichi Osawa is a DJ from Japan who has made several remixes both in Japan and all over. You can also check out his work on Benny Bennasi's Toolroom Knights Album.

Here's a sample of him doing a remix of a song by one of my favorite Jpop artist of all times. Namie Amuro. She did her own rendition of the classic song "What a Feeling", originally sung in the 1980's by Irene Cara for the film Flashdance.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Deadmau5 Sampler

Hey Hey everyone, its AQBecks, your blogger for the Electronic Syphonic. If you're wondering, I'm 25, hail straight from the beautiful San Francisco South Bay Area region of California (or the 408, whatev), and I am a dude who happens to love almost all things electronica and techno (no one's perfect). No, I haven't been to a rave, although I do go clubbing on Occasion and No, I dont drop E. I just a dude who happens to love the electronic music scene all over.

As this is is my first posting, I wanna hit the ground running. I will be posting up some trax I love from a DJ we all know as DeadMau5. Not into electronic and techno music or open to taking a peek? He's the gateway drug for me, I was into techno back in the Mid to late 90s, then kinda fell out of it in favor of Jpop and Alternative. Now, Im back and Im here to stay.

Wanna know something about me? Ask. Take care ppls